Today ,there is no dearth of newspaper and magazines in the market catering to all sections of society, politics and media are the two major sources of mass dialogue among the citizens of any of democratic setup.IN this scenario, we have come with a fortnightly magazine “Purva Star “This magazine has the tagline “we know the value of truth”.

During the freedom movement both the pillars of democracy made supreme sacrifice while working the mission of freedom. This situation more or less prevailed till 1985.Through this mission media successfully fought the government censorship and tackled jagganath Mishra’s Press Bill. However, in the later days ,the reliability of media and politics wa marred by commercialization. WE WERE NOT EVEN ABLE TO PROTECT THE STATUS OF Fourth Estate of democracy with all morality and ethics. Today, we have reached the level where the image of media has become murkier. Nowadays, we are getting the news of media persons being arrested and being jailed with the charges of alleged corruption.

In addition to this, due to cut throat competition and commercialization, media has started losing its National Identity and started adopting regional face. This created iron curtain for regional news Readers from one region do not have access towards the news of another region. This has fatal impact on the national unity and nationalistic feeling.

In such a situation ,the publication of Purva Star is a small effort in the direction of Nationalistic and positive felling which will set aside the existing evils of media. We are fully aware that media is suffering from the syndrome of blowing its own trumpet and liaisoning.

We are coming to you with the determination of building and developing the integrity and overall development .This is the reason we have adopted the tagline “We know the value of Truth.”For this, we need your support, love, goodwill and co-operation.

Every 15days, Poora star will be available to its readers bringing a variety of news, politics, entertainment.

PROMOTERS:  Dr. Wijahat Kareem –editor in chief- has a long time experience in the media world. It is his passion to bring the glory of media back to where it belongs. Mr.Sushil verma, the editor has a vast experience of news publishing with him ,he has been with the jagaran group for last two decades.

Purva Star is brought to you by the media group of zeekay Films,Final Cut Production House and star Creation international.

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